Dancers Perform the Ice – GlacierHub

The pandemic grows long. I am (like many) feeling a deep and deepening hunger for live performance arts, as egregiously limited access to in-person performance has us on some kind of starvation-level arts rations. In my body it registers more and more as homesickness: a palpable, persistent sensation of missing and need.

The two notable exceptions—life rafts of my year, honestly—included one absolutely stupendous cello and classical guitar concert offered at Savikko Park in Juneau, and one absolutely stupendous modern dance performance offered at the Rec Hall at the edge of the Kennicott Glacier in the Wrangell Mountains near McCarthy.

About the latter of the two, I wrote a short report for the Columbia Climate School’s publication, GlacierHub. Full piece available here.

Photographed above: dancers Alexandra Williamson and Betsy Fisher accompanied by musician Ernie Provencher. Photo courtesy of Todd Paris.

Background photo credit: Jeremy Pataky.Fonts: Canada 1500 by Ray Larabie and Adobe Jenson Pro by Robert Slimbach.
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